Momentary (Type VTR Switch) Zoom Servo Grip for ENG/EFP Lenses


The Canon ZSG-200M is a momentary-type zoom servo demand for canon lens controller kits. The controller provides precision zoom capability in a grip/gun-style controller and is useful in a variety of professional broadcast applications, including live event coverage and sports.

COMPATIBLE WITH: J20x J21x J22x H20x HJ18x HJ22x HJ18x28 KH21x J9x H9x J11x J15x H15x J17x HJ9x HJ16x HJ17x KH10x J8x PH8x YJ20x YJ19x YH19x YJ18x YH18x YJ19x YJ13x YJ12x YH12x KH20x KJ20x KH19x