DVCAM / DV / MiniDV VTR Player/Recorder


    • Superior Picture and Sound Quality


  • Built-in i.LINK (IEEE-1394) Interface
  • Long Duration Recording Capability
  • Simple Editing Operation
  • RS-422A Interface as the feeder
  • Versatile Recording/Playback Functions
  • User-Friendly Operations
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • XLR Audio Output
  • DVCAM Format / Consumer DV Playback
  • Accepts both mini and standard size cassettes
  • Component output
  • The DSR-40, equipped with DV In/Out, allows digital dubbing and editing with virtually no quality loss. The DV I/O (based on IEEE-1394) can be connected to third party video capture boards that support the DV In/Out interface for desktop editing.
  • In spite of its small size, similar to previous DVCAM VTRs, the DSR-40 maintains a dual track system that accommodates both standard and mini size cassettes without an adapter.
  • Dubbing has just been made easier with a convenient front panel dub key. When connected to another VTR or camcorder with the i.LINK (DV I/O) connection, a simple push of a button allows dubbing of the original tape and its time code.
  • The DSR-40 is equipped with a Reference Video input terminal for synchronized playback with other VTRs. This is convenient when a number of machines are in simultaneous playback of one or more sources and synchronizing VTRs during editing.