Betacam SP Studio Player/Recorder with RS-422


90 Minutes of Record Time 
The UVW-1800 accepts both the small size cassettes (the size the cameras take) maximum 30 minutes, and large cassettes, maximum 90 minutes. Producers can put an entire program (or 3) on one cassette for economy and convenience. 

Component Analog Video 
The core of news and industrial quality video is the concept of analog component video. The UVW-1800 uses two separate tracks to record chrominance and luminance. Among the resulting advantages are cross color suppression and multigenerational picture performance. 

High Quality Audio 
Thanks to the high tape speed Betacam uses (118.6mm/sec.), and Dolby C, a proven noise reduction system, the UVW-1800 offers excellent audio specifications. The result is wide dynamic range even at high frequencies, minimum distortion, and excellent signal to noise ratio. 

Time Code and RS-422 For Frame Accurate Linear Edits 
Like many professional video components, the UVW-1800 has the ubiquitous 9-pin connector for editing precision. When attached by 9-pin cable to an edit controller, the deck is capable of frame-accurate insert and assemble edits for both audio and video. The built in time code generator can supply or accept time code to/from other editing components. 

Built-In Character Generator 
The UVW-1800 has a built-in character generator. The deck will superimpose characters on the video through the Monitor Out (Super) output BNC connector. This allows time code data (LTC and user-bits), CTL and VTR function status to be shown on a monitor. In addition, error and warning signals can also be displayed. 

Optional Remote Control Operation and Set-Up 
With its Control S connector, the UVW-1800 can take an outboard jog and shuttle remote control. The DSRM-20 is a small jog/shuttle dial with the standard front panel buttons like REC, PAUSE, PLAY, STOP, FAST FORWARD and REWIND. Another remote option is connecting a UVR-60 TBC remote for custom set-up to the 15-pin jack on the back panel of the machine.