SD Analog Vectorscope


The perfect mate for the Model 5860C Waveform Monitor, the 5850C Vectorscope extends monitoring and timing adjustments into chroma aspects. The unit accepts a phase reference from either input (A or B) or from an external reference. The latter may be composite video, black burst or CW subcarrier. A unique feature of the 5850C is an electronically-generated scale of coarse and fine error limits for either 75% or 100% color bars. These targets allow precise adjustments from relatively large viewing distances and eliminate the need for fussy centering adjustments. The illuminated internal graticule facilitates differential gain and phase measurements. An unblanking input jack on the rear panel accepts a strobe signal from waveform monitors equipped for line-select operation for vector display of selected lines. Electronically-generated graticule (scale) gives an across-the-room indication of vector error that is parallax free and immune to centring error.

  • Two Channels Plus EXT REF
  • EXT REF Accepts Composite Video,
  • Black Burst or CW Subcarrier
  • Accepts Line-Select Strobe
  • Electronic Scale Shows Error Limits
  • No Parallax Error
  • Fits Half Rack Adapter