10 ft Jib with add on extension


EZ FX EZ Jib – 10 ft. extended 50lbs/23kg. max

The EZ Jib is a user friendly jib arm, ideal for field, studio or multi camera productions. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to set up. The wide range of camera movement created by the jib produces incredibly smooth floating camera shots and simulated dolly moves that were once reserved for motion pictures and big budgeted productions. With an affordable price tag, this is a cost effective way for producers to create the visual effects that add value to their productions, impress clients and attract new business. With brakes for locking the jib into a stationary position, the jib can also be used to quickly frame up the camera into an infinite number of angles for still shots, saving valuable production time. What sets the EZ FX Jib apart from all other “jib type” products is its compatibility with the EZ FX Handle. Other optional accessories for monitoring, portability and special applications reinforce our claims that the user friendly EZ Jib was designed with the end user in mind, with solutions for every situation, location or concept.

Key Features


  • 7 foot vertical lift and 360 degree rotation.
  • 10 feet plus camera reach with extended tripod legs.
  • Locking mechanisms for lift and swivel.
  • Supports film, video and mini DV cameras.
  • Mounts to claw ball or center shafted tripod
  • Invertible camera platform for UnderSling mode.
  • 4 Column design for maximum stability and minimum wobble.
  • Internal bearings and bushings insure incredible smoothness.
  • Constructed of high grade aluminum. Powder coated with a textured

Minimum Folded Length 52"/ 132cm  
Weight 24 lbs. / 10.9kg  
Camera Capacity 50 lbs. / 23kg  
Arm Length 4' / 1.22m  
Vertical Camera Movement 7' / 2.13m  
Estimated Max. Height 10' / 3.05m  
Minimum Folded Length 52" / 132cm  
Finish Black Powder Coat  
Extendable Yes  
Drag for Lift & Rotation Yes  
Under Sling Capable Yes  
Works with EZFX handle Yes  
Standard Ball Receptacle 100mm