Previous Next SONY DXF-C50WAOPERATIONAL MANUAL The DXF-C50WA is a 5-inch LCD colour viewfinder for the HXC-D70 SD / HD system camera. It is the successor model to the DXF-C50W and maintains the same compatibility and functionality for the PMW-320, PMW-350 and PMW-400 XDCAM solid state camcorders. But it only displays HD pictures from the camera when working with the HXC-D70. Features Offers wide viewing angle The DXF-C50WA has an IPS-LCD panel for an ultra-wide viewing angle. Focus assist functions The DXF-C50WA has image magnification and peaking plus functions to assist with focusing. Assignable settings The viewfinder allows brightness, contrast, peaking and chroma levels to be pre-selected and assigned to a switch or menu item.

    Previous Next Features 6.3″ HD LCD color viewfinder ● Multi-format support. ● Compact and lightweight by adopting LCD. High resolution of 500 horizontal resolutions or more. Achieves a stable image without distortion regardless of screen brightness. ● The step variable peaking correction circuit provides a sharp image and makes it easy to focus the camera. ● Equipped with two systems (red and green) tully lamps lit by the ully signal. ● The height can be set to 3 levels, and the angle can be changed 90 degrees in both the upper and lower directions and 90 degrees in both the left and right directions. ● By the drip-proof structure that can withstand some rain, it can also be used for shooting outside. ● A robust and easy-to-use indoor hood (included) and an outdoor hood with excellent light shielding (sold separately) can be installed.

2-inch Type HD B/W CRT Viewfinder

3.5″ Colour LCD HD Viewfinder

5-inch monochrome studio viewfinder     Previous Next High horizontal resolution of 650 TV lines Stable video image Bright and clear image Under Scanning capability Can operate either on EIA and CCIR signals systems with automatic selection 16:9/4:3 Automatic Aspect Ratio Selection The viewfinder aspect ratio of the DXF-51 is automatically switched between 16:9 and 4:3 Two red REC tally lamps Green Tally Lamp which can be used as a second tally lamp for CCU operations 20-pin connector for DXCD35/D35P/D35WS/D35WSP +/- 40 degrees of tilting is possible +/- 90 degrees of panning is possible Rugged and compact body