edelkrone HeadPLUS

edelkrone HeadPLUS

edelkrone HeadPLUS

edelkrone HeadPLUS

Super Accurate Backlash-free Gear Design

All edelkrone motorized products use the same backlash-free gear design technology for perfectly repeatable, smooth motion for even the most demanding shots. Even the most portable edelkrone devices have heavy-duty gears assuring a lifetime of performance.

Ultra Quiet Step Motor Driving Technology

All edelkrone motorized devices have a unique quiet step motor driving technology that combines ultra precise step motor positioning ability with ultra quiet operation. Step motors are perfect for precise motion control but until now their downside has been the noise they make. With edelkrone motorized devices, you will get the world’s most precise positioning with the quietest performance.

Exclusive features for any Video production

Automatic Target Tracking 
(with HeadPLUS)

HeadPLUS has the ability to learn three different targets. When transitioning between targets, HeadPLUS keeps each target in frame and focus even when moving on SliderPLUS! With this automatic feature, you can achieve elegant parallax shots without spending any time programming the system

Live Target Switching 
(with HeadPLUS)

You can make a smooth transition between any of the three preset targets by selecting your desired target through the App. During each transition, HeadPLUS elegantly frames the new target and focuses while keeping the target in frame and focus as the camera moves.

Can be hand-controlled 
(with HeadPLUS)

You can manually adjust the pan and tilt angle of the HeadPLUS. Instead of relying on a remote control, you can program your camera motions with just your hands! This gives an unprecedented speed to your workflow, and makes the whole process much more intuitive.

Sequencer feature 
(with HeadPLUS or HeadONE)

With Sequencer feature, you can chain multiple poses one after another to create complex camera motion. Transition speed between every pose is independently adjustable. Also, you can make it loop so that the system goes back and forth in the given order.


edelkrone HeadPLUS

Motorized Pan & Tilt Head for Cameras 10 lb (4.5 kg) or less.
Smartphone controlled via Bluetooth
Can be easily programmed for motion time-lapses
Can pair and work with SliderONE v2, SliderPLUS, DollyONE and DollyPLUS
Can automatically track stationary objects.
Can track focus on stationary objects (Add Focus Module)
Can learn target positions automatically (Add Laser Module)
Can be powered via LP-E6 or NP-F Batteries
Can also be powered via AC-DC adapter
Ultra quiet operation
Ultra precise backlash-free operation
Allows manual panning and tilting without affecting the motors.
Unfolds to fit in a back-pack.
100% CNC machined aluminum body
Battery Brackets not included (sold separately)