7″ HD/SD Field Monitor


The Marshall V-R70P-HD is a very high quality 7-inch LCD monitor designed for video-assist and general field production. This monitor incorporates sophisticated images processing, scaling and interpolation for optimum analog to digital conversion and the best possible picture display. The 3-BNC Component Video input will decode both standard definition and HD signals. It can be run off Sony-type V-mount batteries or any 4-pin XLR power supply. A 1/4-20 mounting plate can be attached to any edge of the monitor. A rack mount kit is available as an optional accessory.

Image Conversion
The V-R70P-HD as the ability to accept analog video signals, even very high quality 3-BNC HD/SD Component Video. Analog signals are digitized using an advanced 10-bit process with 4x over-sampling and adaptive 5 line comb filter. Video is scaled to fit on screen in the highest resolution using a state of the art LSI that incorporates 4 x 4 pixel interpolation with precision Gamma correction to product the best images available.
Built for Field Production
This monitor has an optical grade polycarbonate screen cover that is scratch resistant while defeating reflection and glare. TFT technology gives the monitor a wide viewing range of 130° horizontal and 120° vertical. Its bright readout can be seen in even in difficult ambient lighting conditions.
Widescreen and Conventional World-Wide Compatibility
The V-R70P-HD can display 16:9 and 4:3 aspect video as native images. The unit also auto-detects both NTSC and PAL system video so it can be used almost anywhere in the world.
DC Power Options
This monitor was obviously designed for use as a field production tool. If your camera package uses the popular V-mount batteries, this monitor can be powered in the same manner. The manufacturer estimates a single fully charged 50 watt/hour battery can power the monitor for 4-6 hours. A 4-pin XLR input allows the unit to be powered via any professional DC power supply.
Flexible Production Capabilities
Even though the V-R70P-HD appears to be a well constructed monitor for video-assist or camera mounting, it can also find a place in a control room setting. This monitor has tally lights so it can be used in a director’s location. An optional rack mount kit can place the monitor in a standard 19-inch wide equipment rack.